Wimbledon 2014

tennisbumRight now there’s an excitement in Wimbledon brewing (well after England’s dismal performance in Brazil this World Cup we’ve got to turn our attention somewhere now!). Strawberries and cream a plenty, and lots of gasps and screams in centre court – Andy Murray get in line, we’re not talking about hitting a yellow ball on one side of a net to another, we’re talking about the cougar culture springing up across the suburbs of London.

London is the town that never sleeps. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there’s a land of opportunity waiting any young men that dares to boldly go forward, brave the elements and reap the successes. Wimbledon is on our radar, and in a good way. There are hundreds of older women in or near Wimbledon aged between 35 and 55 looking for fun – literally hundreds. There must be a cougar in every street – Edge Hill, Ridgway Place and the aptly named Murray Road – behind the front steps and painted doors are women-next-doors logging on, checking messages from younger guys and arranging meet ups. We hear the Crooked Billet, off Woodhayes Road, is particularly delightful this time of year for a pint and a burger.

So the next time you’re watching Wimbledon this year, and bare glimpse of two grown men in 30 degree heat smacking the living daylights out of a yellow furry ball across a net and getting nowhere fast, give thought to those buildings you can just see in the distance. Perhaps inside is a gorgeous cougar who’s online posting a blog message asking where all the younger men are at, and why aren’t they headed off down the Crooked Billet together. Whilst all the other men are engrossed in the fifth set, you could go ‘one love’, and score the sneaky advantage and use the power of distraction.

Game, set and match!



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