Warning Dating Facebook Fails

Thumbs DownOnce upon ago we communicated with each other by writing a letter (yes with a pen), slurping on a stamp and seeing our note go trundling off on the back of a mail van on it’s way to it’s destination a week later. Fast forward a hundred years or so and we’re connected with half of the population of the globe in more ways than could be counted. Staying in touch couldn’t be faster – yet we sometimes ignore some basic etiquette’s

If you want your dating life to go past the first date, here are the top three Facebook no-no’s. Avoid these at all costs:

  1. Don’t ‘Facebook-Stalk’ your new date – asking a prospective date to be a friend even before you’ve met is a bit freakish;
  2. Don’t Friend Someone, or their friends, after your first date – true story. Date went well, bozo got back home and not only sent a Facebook friend request but also started asking their dates friends, and even an Aunt, to be their friend. Don’t know if this sounds weird, desperate or a combination of both. Want a second date? – don’t do this!
  3. Don’t start posting shmoozy love, or sex, messages to your dates wall after first date – After a great first date your love nerve can be ready to explode. Heard the expression ‘drunk on love’, well that’s the same feeling that causes you to act on impulse without rational thought. Adrenalin and love pumping that it’s easy to start posting messages of everlasting passion and love to your dates Facebook wall. Bad mistake. Play it cool.

There, not difficult is it. Whether you’re a cougar or a cub there was a saying that you shouldn’t rush phoning a first date until at least 3 days after your meet. Play it cool. Yes this was the days when telephones was the only way we could talk, and sending messages through space was left to the writing talents of authors like HG Wells. Different methods but same advice – easy does it, and a second date or casual meet could very well be on the cards (or in the sheets).



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