The Casual Valentine

Cougar on BedFebruary 14th still, even in this technologically filled crazed world, still conjures up emotions of romance, love and cupid with his bow.

It’s long been considered a great day by newly found couples, a heartache for singles and a nightmare for husbands frantically hitting Clintons at 5:59pm to see what dregs are left and the petrol station to see if any of their roses for sale still have heads.

The great thing about valentines is it’s the time single ladies would like to be with someone. For those with romantic notions they can go try somewhere else, but for those of you still reading and looking for some company on the big Saturday night this year – it may just be your lucky night.

13th February and 14th February have long been considered the most busiest days of a dating companies year (such as ourselves), with people looking for a date or meet. For the last two years, 13th February between 22:30 and 23:45 have spiked in visitors, messages and the odd wink or two 😉

Valentines still exists today, it just exists differently with men and women not concerned by just wanting to with someone for the evening and night. It’s a refreshing thing.

The fortunate thing about Valentines 2015 is that it falls on a Saturday. No waking up the next morning for work (for most), so no holding back the night before…..and with 50 Shades of Grey released in the UK Cinemas on 13th February this is our top tip for a night out.

We are going to cover this one off in a future post but suffice to say – a meet with a sexy cougar with a nice meal and bottle of wine before heading to the cinema to indulge in the film that has captured the sexual imagination of women across the world like no other book (and now film) has ever done – well let’s just say, you may not get much sleep that night.

Your date will swoon over Jamie Dornan, whilst you get to ogle the sexy Dakota Johnson in 125 minutes of an erotic masterpiece. The intensity between you two could probably ignite a rocket.

Now gentlemen, far be it from me to sway you in any way but seems like to me you now have three, extremely important, options:


  1. Log in to your Cougar Dating Site account and get looking;
  2. Sign up for a Cougar Dating Site account and get looking;
  3. Have a think about joining, whilst watching Take Me Out on Saturday night alone with a box of KFC and a bottle of diet pepsi;

The choice is yours.


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