One Secret Success Tip

secretlargeOn a casual dating site like this it’s so easy to go thinking like a guy. Searching through cougar women profiles what are you looking for? What makes you click on the photo to explore more?

For most guys, not surprisingly, it’s usually for how much flesh is on show. See a stunning mature babe in her bra and knickers, or even less, and you’ll find the number of visits to their profile is dramatically higher than others. Come on guys, women know how to sell themselves.

Trouble is men go thinking like a guy. Guys like to see lots of flesh, and naturally believe women want that too – and bang the feux pas. Not only just a feux pas, it is in fact the biggest feux pas of colossal size. That’s right, the todger shot. The aerial selfie letting ladies know what’s on offer – great eh…..wrong!

There are thousands of women’s profiles that make a point of noting they simply will not reply to a young man’s advances if his profile picture is that of his manhood. That’s right, women are so fed up seeing one eye rather than two in so many message requests they receive, that they have decided to hit the airwaves and making a public protest via their profile pages. They are telling you guys what they want – and strangely enough many men still aren’t listening or getting the message. This is where you come in, the smart chap.

One thing learnt by men since the – well since the start of time – is always give a woman what she wants. If there is one rule to stick by to give you the greatest happiness and calming atmosphere it will be to give a woman exactly and precisely what they want, and do so with a smile. If they would rather not see your tackle but instead want to see your face, then give them what they want.

This one secret tip alone could see an increase in 55% of the number of responses you’ll receive.

Take down the tackle and feature the face.

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