Indulge Your Cougar

MassageOk you’ve now arranged a date and a meet with a cougar. Congratulations, you’ve taken action and about to enjoy the delights of your bold step forward.

Perhaps this is your first meet, or perhaps this is a second or third date or meet but you want to impress. You want to make your date feel extra special, you want to her to feel she is the only woman in the world tonight – you want her to have the biggest smile on her face, and knowing that you put it there.

We have come up with some creative ways to stand out, be the cub your cougar wants you to be – and a very successful cougar dater:


1. Cook her dinner

Listen to this one. Most cubs want sex and move on. A lot of cougars do, but this meet is an experience. An experience from start to end, but the middle – the middle is where you make the difference. The extra attention, the care, the thought. Plan to cook her dinner, a nice meal, bottle of wine, some nice music. Create an atmosphere and build up to the moment.


2. Massage

Nothing – I repeat nothing – will make a cougar more special than to be pampered. Make it all about her, and she’ll then make it all about you. A massage is not only a wonderful treat for your date at the end of a busy, maybe stressful day, but a great way to connect physically. Think of it as extended foreplay, but treat her. Make her feel special. You do this, and do this well – and the next time your cougar wants another meet and to satisfy some urges, who do you think she will want to contact?


3. Toys and Games

Now we wouldn’t recommend this as a first date, as could scare your date off, but for date 3 or 4 you could start introducing toys, games and fantasies in to your meets. The excitement of a rendezvous is electric but mix this together with toys, pleasure and fantasises turns that electricity in to lightening.


4. Threesome and Foursomes

Now again we wouldn’t surprise your date with this one. Speak first but there are a lot of cougars within our members who fantasise over threesomes and foursomes. If this gets you going to then speak to your date about and see if this is an option you both feel comfortable with. Again make this about your cougar, want she wants. Give and you will receive in return.


5. Upgrade your room

If you have decided to meet at a hotel, or spending the day together and have booked a hotel – try to upgrade. Sometimes these can be cheaper on the day, but also look out for online deals. Again it’s a small touch, but picture the difference for your cougar walking in to a standard hotel room – now picture her walking in to a deluxe room, with four poster bed, rose petals, bottle of chocolates and champagne and maybe even a hot tub in the room. It may cost a little more but trust us, these little extra touches make so much difference in return



We will try and keep this list updated throughout the year, but we hope this gives you some tips you can use, and be the most successful cougar dater on the planet!


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