First Date Ideas

Resturant - first date ideaWithout fully realising, where you go on your first date can ultimately decide whether this becomes a second date or not. There are a lot of good ideas of places to go, or things to do, but it comes down to your personality as much as your interests. Perhaps you love to talk, and meet new people and get to know each other – then maybe a coffee shop is a perfect choice. On the other hand perhaps you are more introvert and concerned about a social setting, in that case choosing a place where you have something to talk about or don’t need to talk a lot can be ideal (cinema perhaps).

Whether you want indoors or outdoors, daytime or evening, or whether you are introvert or extrovert we hope the below list of first date ideas will help you win over your cougar:

Coffee Shop

A great, safe but alsop effective first date. Coffee shops are now the place to be. With a relaxing atmosphere in comfortable surroundings, this is a great choice to get to know your cougar better. Is also the type of place that will appeal to all ages so your cougar will not feel conscious about standing out too much.



The trusted favourite for those a little more shy, and uncomfortable at the thought of trying to talk and make conversation for long periods of time. Make sure though the movie you see is one you both want to see, or at the very worst one she wants to see. Don’t take her to the latest action film if she prefers rom-coms. Do not be selfish – if you do you may have to be selfish with yourself later instead of the night you both have been thinking of.


Walk in the Park

A great place for those who enjoy the outdoors. A meet for a relaxing stroll in the park where you get to find out more about each other can be a great idea. Perhaps you have a dog you can take to meet your first date, dogs are great conversation starters – but make sure she also likes animals. Outdoors, with sunshine beating down, birds tweating and the smell of fresh grass – you can’t lose.


Posh Breakfast

A unique way to spend a first date. Entice her romantic and indulgent ideas by arranging breakfast in a posh restaurant or hotel. The sense of spontaneity mixed with the luxurious surroundings may wet her taste buds for something else.



The old fashioned place for a date – the local pub. Take our advice, don’t get rat-arsed on ten pints before she walks in the door – and don’t arrange for your mates to be there to leer and stare. A beer or two can also help with any nerves, and can help strike up a connection.


Action Day

Really show her how imaginative and fun you can be with an adventure date. A champagne balloon ride, caneoing, horse riding – something to spark her adrenaline. Mix adrenaline with romance and you have a cocktail that will ensure your date, and perhaps evening, go off with a bang!



Show her your caring side by preparing a picnic for her. Make sure you find her likes and dislikes (not good preparing only ham sandwiches if she is vegetarian) and invest in a proper pcinic basket if you can to really look the part. Spoil her and show her your thoughtfullness.

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