Favourite Cougar Sex Positions

Cougar Sex Positions

The thing about cougars is that many of them were married for most of their lives. Many have minimal sexual experience and have probably only slept with a handful during their sexual peak. When they were growing up, society had strict rules for them and they adhered to them the best they could. But now that they’re single and ready to take on the world in such a liberating time, cougars are more sexually adventurous than ever and are up for a wide variety of things in the bedroom. So if you really want to impress your favourite cougar here are a few sex positions to try out other than plain old and boring missionary:


Doggy Style 

doggy style

An oldie, but a favourite show her who’s in charge by taking her from behind. She may have or have not engaged in such a position, so even if she has make sure to really give it to her so that she remembers you more than any others who have done the same. Add some flavour to the position by spanking her ass or maybe pulling her hair and making her call out your name as you both climax together.


Girl On Top

woman on top

Once you’re doing showing her your stuff doing her doggy style, it’s time to let her be the boss and get on top of you. Let her either face you or have her back to you as she rides you like her personal horse. She’ll be able to control the depth of penetration while you’ll be able to play and fondle her ass or her breasts.


Against A Wall

against wall

Live on the edge and make it a point to do her somewhere out of the ordinary like a bathroom stall or at someone’s house by doing her against the wall. It’ll really turn her on and bring out both of your wild sides!


Side by Side

side by side

Have her lie on her side and you go right behind her for some side-by-side action where you can easily play with her goods while you ram her hard from behind!


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