Dating Older Women – How to Succeed

Cougar WomanPerhaps you have been driven to read this article because you are new to cougar dating, or perhaps you have been on a series of causal dates and looking to improve your chances – well good news, you have found the premium guide on succeeding with dating older women!

What we are about to share has come from proven techniques and challenges myths. Get rid of notions such as women not liking sex, or not wanting as much as men. We are human and all have needs – it’s how we access those needs between the sexes that is different. Think different, act different, be different – and get different.

I want to make one thing clear. This is in no way meant in any way to disrespect women or men. In actual fact this is 100% completely the opposite. Respect is going to be your new thought pattern each time an older woman comes in to view. Respectfulness is ABSOLUTELY KEY. It should be anyway, this isn’t something I should be explaining, but having heard scare stories of older women meeting with a younger man who first arranged a meet in a bar where his mates were there wolf-whistling, giving approval and the unfortunate young man (I say unfortunate as I know the rest of the story but some things must remain secret – use your imagination) downed his 8th beer before draping his arm around his date before giving a cheer to his mates and told them he’d be back in a hour.

Now if you are reading this and thought for one second this is how cougar dating works then please – please – grow up and think again. Do you think for one second a woman, any woman, would see this as attractive and come back for more. I can give you a very quick and short answer – NO! A cougar wants the body and attractiveness of a younger man but the mind-set and maturity of someone closer to her own age. Immaturity is by far the biggest turn off. Luckily this bad experience story didn’t happen here, but we’re here to teach and educate and make better cubs of you all. We want you to graduate with flying colours and be a powerful cougar magnet.

Enough of dating for the immature, we’re here to explain what you should be doing. First things first let’s go back to science and nature lesson. Remember the nerdy science teacher talking about insects and bunsen burners, well this time teacher is different. This time teacher is going to explain out the birds and bees – and not the buzzing kind. This time teacher wants you to misbehave, and have fun while doing it. Men and women enjoy sex, but the mechanism by how we get to the state of arousal is often very much different.

Men are often driven by very visual factors – the sight of a pretty woman in the street, strip clubs, sexy photo shoot pictures in lads magazines, nudity and flesh, porn etc… Testosterone is a large factor in the reason why men are always switched on to sex. Men’s testosterone levels are around 5 times greater than that of women, which helps put in to perspective the difference in drives and wants. Women on the other hand are more aroused by the mind and more through imagination and senses. Triggering these in the right way can boost a women’s arousal. This can be by romance, closeness, sensitivity, excitement, passion etc… do you remember the hype over 50 Shades of Grey. No visuals were needed, but women around the world were exported to a world which played on every woman’s sexual senses. Money, power, attraction, desire – this triggered the necessary sexual response which then pushed the boundaries in to sexual activity and even a little BDSM. This book holds a very powerful secret to those who use it right. Men, if you haven’t read it then do so. Not for a cheap thrill, but consider it your homework – your resource.

This is your guide, your blueprint. This is your secret. It is so simple, but eluded men for centuries. Men have spent so much time trying to approach woman using the same sexual techniques that would work on them – the cheap thrill. As we’ve seen women are so much different, and need different stimuli. This is the best advice for older women dating we can give.

The benefit of cougar dating site is that women on here are already looking for a sexual and casual meet. This doesn’t mean though you shouldn’t and don’t need to play in to her senses. In fact at no better time does this come in to play. This is where a woman wants these emotions, sensations and passion. She already has the destination in mind – you just need to plan the route and complete the journey.

We have tried to summarise some of the techniques and tips below:


Top Casual Dating Tips

  1. Often a woman can get more aroused by a romantic movie than porn. Think of that if you decide to go to the cinema for your first date;
  2. Compliments go very far;
  3. She will have gone to a lot of effort for you, and may even feel a little self-conscious about meeting with a younger man. She will believe you are comparing her to an ex-girlfriend or girls your own age. Don’t mention this to her but make sure she feels special;
  4. Make sure you don’t start eyeing up girls on your date – especially younger ones!
  5. Be respectful at all times – whether a casual date or not;
  6. Play to her senses – romance, sensuality, excitement. Mix all three and you have the most powerful sexual concoction known to man;
  7. You can talk sexual, and be a little cheeky, but start with light hearted questions – get her intrigued and aroused. Let her mind wander to past sexual encounters, or fantasies. Help a woman create this imaginary sense and you have helped lay the foundations;

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