Cougars have more casual partners than men

women on bedWe’ve spent some time exploring the subject, to see exactly what is the optimum number of casual daters to have at one time…..and women aged between mid-thirties and mid-forties have more casual daters at one time than men!

The concept of dating has changed dramatically over the past few years. Before the internet, we would shuffle nervously to a dating agency, and meet a ‘matchmaker’ who would thumb through paper (yes paper!) profiles and find you the perfect match. Fast forward twenty years and we live in a more casual world.

Latest evidence shows the average dater has three lovers on the go at the same time. Finding casual partners to fit in with busy and demanding lifestyles is commonplace, and with dating sites allowing you to view hundreds of thousands of likeminded ‘perfect matches’, it’s just so easy. Sign up to a dating site, connect with people who take your fancy and arrange a meet. Finding a new partner isn’t unheard of within an hour or so of joining.

How many casual partners at the same time though is too many – three…five….ten? – in reality no matter how chipper your chipper is, ten on the go is pushing the levels of enjoyment you could possibly have. After the seventh he’ll be begging you for a break. Although of course too much of a good thing, can be a good thing…..and a good thing is certainly the tonic cougar women are looking for. Studies have shown women between 35 and 46 are the most kinkiest and looking for more sexual partners than men at the same time. With the advantages of younger men between 20 and 32 considered the longer lasting of the age ranges studies and most keen to explore new sexual positions and experiences – it’s a wonderful and very powerful combination that has led to many sexual adventures across Britain.

This openness in many new relationships means greater exploration such as threesomes, foursomes and more. Over half of Britons have fantasised about having a threesome, and with multiple partners per person, many more people are very open to the idea. In fact, again, more women in the cougar category aged between 35 and 45 would be more likely to explore the idea of a threesome with another woman and a man.

This combination is one of the reasons the cougar dating phenomenon we all know and love has exploded over recent years.

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