Are Cougars Getting Sexier?

It used to be some secret exclusive hush hush club where women of a certain age had the desire for younger and fitter models. Fed up with the humdrum of life, and attitudes of partners and husbands, they fantasised about being in the arms (and beds) of a younger suitor. An escape from the world, no cares, no baggage, just lost attention and deep passion.

Some of those lonely housewives gave in to temptation, got their feet wet, took the plunge and found themselves bathing in the fantasy they dreamed of. Others merely kept on dreaming. It was almost a taboo. The nudge-nudge, wink-wink brigade out in full force at the Gossip Mill down Mind-Your-Own-Business lane at the merest hint of ‘her at 64 going down faster than bowling ball off a cliff’.

Now if you go searching hard enough you’ll find cougars of the 60s, 70s and 80s, but how do they compare to the cougar in the naughties noughties?

Well a lot. Attitudes being the biggest driver of change of them all. In the 1960’s affairs and divorce were not as commonplace terms as they are today, particularly those instigated by women. In fact in the 1960s most women remained virgins until they were married, showing flesh was not done and long heel skirts and bosom covered blouses were the fashions. The sixties flower power generation were started by the young embracing those things their parents missed out on.

Fast forward fifty years, and today’s cougar is no more confined to the attitudes towards sex and cougar / cub relationships. They are, quite rightly, free to make their own decisions. Chasing younger men for sex is no longer taboo – and lucky for the young men, many mature ladies are taking full advantage.

Ladies in the mid-forties are looking sexier than their 1960s counterparts ten years younger – and they are using that sexiness to full affect. Men are being succumbed like moths to the light. Go forth young man!

Want proof – here’s some (taken from the gorgeous profiles from our site):


Cougar Profiles 2015


Convinced? :)

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