5 Things a Cougar Looks for in a Younger Man

Cougar Reveals AllListen up men, the ladies have spoken and they’re none too happy. Don’t despair just yet as there’s just enough time to salvage something from this mess created, and put a smile on all those disappointed ladies across the UK.

We listened intently (hint – do this) and think we’ve now captured our cougars biggest rants, and the 10 things cougars look for, or don’t look for, in a younger man.

Take heed, take note and take the hint:


  1. Mature Head on a Younger Body – this isn’t one of those mashed up creations usually crafted by taking the heads of He-Man characters and replacing with one from the A-Team. This is one of the most sought after qualities older ladies look for. A lady is looking for conversation and to feel a connection with you as a person, but loves the fact you are younger, fitter, take pride in your appearance and to be honest probably more likely to put up with the fashion beard. Don’t act like a kid doing wheelies on your BMX, be respectful and mature in your demeanour;
  2. Listen – ladies tell us all the time what they want. Actually they are experts at it, it’s just most of the time we don’t listen. Listen, learn, do and make here smile;
  3. Don’t Ogle – an older lady will be very conscious of one fact, that you are younger and be comparing her to women of your own age. She is generally very conscious of this and is going to be actively looking at any signs you may be noticing other women other than her. It’s not possessive, but generally a feeling of self-confidence or lack of it. When you’re with her make sure she always feels special and you only have eyes for her; 
  4. Paying Your Way – this can be a delicate subject but turns out many younger guys out there see the older woman having more money and almost expecting her to pay for meals, cinema tickets, hotel nights etc… – guys, have some chivalry here! A cougar is your date for the evening,  not a meal-ticket. Ladies don’t mind paying, but make sure at worse case it’s equal split of costs of nights together; 
  5. Keeping in Trim – let’s face it guys, when a cougar is looking for a younger man it is generally for a physical connection. She is looking for a younger man to satisfy her needs and visually looking good is going to get you a great big step forward. Hit the streets, hit the gym, hit the shower, keep healthy and keep trim. She’ll literally love you for it!


There 5 great tips to help get your cougar dating off to a great success in 2015!

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