3 Amazing Benefits Dating a Cougar

“Age is just a number…”


How many times have you heard this saying? Too many to count most likely. And while it holds true, there are still a number of young guys who are still afraid to date an older woman. Society has taught us that it’s not normal for an older woman to date an older man and has tried to convince us that it should be the other way around for decades. Yet, that couldn’t be farther than the truth.

These days, everybody is so open with everything that dating someone older than you means nothing unless you allow it. Many young men are finding that women their own age or younger just don’t get them or satisfy their needs as well as an older woman can and date nothing but women who are older than them. There are also many celebrities who prefer older women.

And we don’t blame them! There’s something intriguing about an older woman that makes her mysterious and attractive. Although many might argue that if you’re naturally attracted to older women that you have some kind of “mummy complex,” in in reality, you just don’t seem to mesh well with women of the same age or younger. These women bore you and don’t get you at your level, especially if you consider yourself more mature for your age. And even if you’re not, older women tend to just be more fun for some reason.

If you’ve been interested in potentially dating an older woman, but haven’t because of concerns, here are a few benefits of dating an older woman:



There is no denying that older women are mature. They know what they want and don’t play games because they’ve already been there and done that. When you enter a relationship with an older woman, she’ll dish it out like it is so there’s no petty games or silly acts that younger girls tend to exhibit with guys. And because she doesn’t play around, it takes a mature guy to catch their eyes since the last thing she wants is to babysit you. If you like mature women then make sure that you’re as mature or else you won’t stand a chance.


With age comes experience and that’s exactly what older women have. They’ve been around the block or two so they know exactly how life pans out sometimes and you can maybe learn a thing or two from them. She also already knows what she wants and won’t waste your time. If she’s out to date, she’ll let you know and expect nothing less…but if all she wants is a one-night-stand, she’ll be bold enough to tell you. And many times, they’ll also be more experienced in bed and can definitely teach you something new in between the sheets. She’ll let you know what she wants and guide you along the way, and all you have to do is be up and ready for the job.


Older women are already settled in their career and have a certain way of doing things, so they don’t need a man to support them. And many might already have their own families so that’s the last thing on their mind. An older woman is independent and strong. She has her own money and isn’t looking for you to support her.


If you’re intrigued by older women don’t let her age stop you from pursing her. It’s time men start realizing that dating an older woman has its benefits and can be exactly what they’re looking for!

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