10 Sexiest Celebrity Cougars

We can’t open a newspaper or read a news feed without reading about another celebrity older woman whose ‘gone cougar’, and now dating a youger man – and we love it!

Five years ago this list would have been easier to compile, but today we have a much bigger choice. It was a hard task creating this list, we really had to look long and hard over all the photos evidence to come up with what we believe is a definitive list of the Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Cougars

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Here’s Cougar Dating’s Guide to the Sexiest Celebrity Cougars on the Planet (in reverse order):


Jennifer Aniston - Cougar No 1010. Jennifer Aniston

Jenn would top the list in most sexiest celeb polls. She has had one or two younger men encounters but as these have been more limited she kicks off our list at number 10;



Kim Cattrall - Celebrity Cougar Number 99. Kim Cattrall

British born Kim is no stranger to playing sexy adulterous leads on TV (for example Sex in the City), but the blonde beauty seems to want to match the care free and confident cougar ways of her onscreen charatcer. Kim has certainly been using younger men to satisfy her urges – and we love her for it!;


Madonna Celebrity Cougar Number 88. Madonna

Madonna could almost wear the crown when it comes to dating younger men. She oozes sexuality and never been afriad to express herself – in more ways than one. A worthy entry in our Top 10;



Jenifer Lopez - Celebrity Cougar 77. Jennifer Lopez

The US singer and actress definately has an eye for the younger guy. The brunette beauty has a sultry charm, that will make any red blooded male weak at the knees;



Emma Bunton - Celebrity Cougar 56. Emma Bunton

No matter how old Emma gets, she’ll always be known as Baby Spice. This babe has been seen a few times sporting a younger man on her arms. Whether to get herself feeling young and beautiful – or whether she’s an animal with dark fantasies in bed (we hope) – she gets our vote any day of the week;


Janice Dickensin - Cougar Number 55. Janice Dickinson

Perhaps a surprise entry with Janice. The ex-model has an amazing presence. Her opinions and mouth are one of the biggest in showbiz, but the confidence that women has is immense. If she is half as dominating in bed as she is out of it, can you imagine how wild your night would be if Janice was firing on all cylinders. This thought alone got her to number 5 – a welcome thought we’re sure;


Katie Price - Cougar Number 44. Katie Price (a.k.a Jordan)

Although on the exterior Jordan is a confident, self made woman oozing extrovertness – where sure Katie on the otherhand is a little more reserved, and perhaps a little less confident than her alter-ego. She appears to always need the comfort and support of a male – and often a younger one. Don’t get this post wrong, we have every respect for anyone in this world to go out and do what she has done, and made a success of it – but when you date a younger guy, and as sexy as you are, you’re going to be on our list…….all day long;


We are now going moving forward with our Top 3 Sexiest Celebrity cougars……ready?


Caroline Flack - Cougar Number 33. Caroline Flack

She has a next door charm about her, and became very known (and hated by every boy-band lover in the country) when she starting dating 1D’s Harry Styles who was over 10 years her junior. After breaking up with Harry 1D Styles, she went on and started getting her claws in to another younger man. This is cougar dating at its finest;


Halle Berry - Cougar Number 22. Halle Berry

We’re not sure Halle actually ages. We have spent hours for personal research leering intently looking at hundreds of photos of her in a bid to see if she is getting older. The investigation continues :) but is still inconclusive. In any case the beautiful and very sexy Ms Berry has managed to secure 2nd place…….


…….and 1st place goes to……….


Demi Moore - Cougar Number 11. Demi Moore

Her marriage to Ashton Kutcher was one of the biggest and most known cougar and cub relationships out there. Their married life managed to last 6 years before they split – and looking at the ‘happy family’ photos with Demi, Ashton and Bruce Willis told a picture all of their own. So no doubt Demi is very known for being a cougar – and if you have seen her in Striptease then we are know where the sexy part comes from;





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