The sun’s out – and so are the cougars

After 6 months of the most miserable long cold wet and windy weather on record we’ve now experienced the sun. Yes it’s back. Out from hiding, and all’s forgiven. What is it about the sunshine that makes us as horny as a couch load of virgins on an 18-30 to Magaluf?

The sun comes out, coats come off and we’re out parading as much flesh as is legal. Your eyes wander so much you start getting headaches, and those sexy thoughts that used to come only about once every 4 minutes are now rushing through your mind faster than a Japanese bullet train. Both men and women build up this sexy frustration until they get home, after the day of heat, bodies, naughty thoughts and mild flirting. At this point both man and woman have two options:

Option 1: They settle down in front of TV with ready made meal, beer or glass of wine for the night and maybe turn on the late night channels for a little self service – or;

Option 2: (Recommended :) ) Sign up for cougar dating, and home at 6pm, meet at 7pm and 8pm having fun, 9pm having fun, 10pm having fun, 11pm …… etc….


We’d love to hear about all your experiences with us. The adventures, stories and amazing meets. We have heard some really fun – and very naughty – goings on (and we love it!). Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you!


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