Get Noticed When Dating


The one thing that will strike you most when you’re searching through the profiles we have is the vast number of women all looking to hook up. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Standing out ain’t easy!

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get noticed. If you’re not being noticed you’re not succeeding, and possibly at the same time not getting any.  Want to know the A+ premium, executive and first-class tip know about getting noticed on dating sites and how to make your inbox bigger than Simon Cowell’s wallet?

I’ll give you one piece of advice my friend. Remember this one as it will serve you well. Your photo is the PREMIUM profile space you have – your photo will get the FIRST attention than anything else. There’s only one worse than a blurry photo from a distance, and that’s no photo. If there’s one thing guaranteed to leave your inbox looking pretty darn empty, it’s going to be a no show on your profile photo. Don’t be AWOL on your own profile page. A nice photo – cheeky, sexy all good (but guys not of your manhood……..REALLY won’t do you any favours, even if your nickname is Long John). Look at other people’s photos and see what things you notice, what draws your attention and do the same, but better. Be the one that gets the most looks and most attention.

Upgrade your photo with a professional one – or worst case have someone take it of you. Photos in the bathroom mirror, with toilet brush sticking out from between your legs just really doesn’t cut the mustard with most women (or men). Also the selfie at arms length isn’t always great either.

ABOVE ALL guys, women want to see your face. If you have a nice torso, and spent months in a gym developing a finally chiselled set of abs and want to show them off then all good – but also show your face.

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